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Twerlo’s all in one business communication platform makes marketing, sales and customer support easy through WhatsApp.
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β€œEnhance business operations, and handle all customer interactions efficiently using Twerlo – for marketing, sales, and customer support. β€œ

Sell On WhatsApp

Enable product discovery, receive customer feedback, and payments through WhatsApp.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with your system and send appointment reminders, updates, two-factor authentication codes, and delivery notifications, through WhatsApp.

One Unified Number

Manage all your customer interactions through WhatsApp with one Unified number.

Manage Your WhatsApp

Assign chats, manage live conversations and customer details, all through one dashboard.

Free Unlimited Accounts For Your Team

Collaborate as a team via multi logins and assign different roles, for one unified number.

Free Chatbot Included

Use chatbots and Chat routing automation to automate responses and be available for your customers 24/7.

Twerlo Features

Twerlo Connect
WhatsApp Ordering
Whatsapp booking
Sell on WhatsApp

Go beyond chatting on WhatsApp

Reachout to customers, send order updates, order tracking, receive feedback and payments from customers.

Pay 0% commission on all food orders

No need for complicated apps or order management systems

Booking appointments now on your fingertips

Live-updates on booking status.

Showcase your products, receive payments and get feedback for your products on WhatsApp

Twerlo Fooder

Customer Experience
Restaurant Experience
 Delivery Drivers Experience
Let your customers choose their orders from the comfort of their Whatsapp Chat. They can choose and place order from custom menu of the restaurant with Zero waiting time

“The restaurant gets notified about the order via the POS device installed in every branch.
-Accepting the order from the customer
-Proceeding with the food preparation
-Notifies the customer about the status of the order.

“The order updates and the delivery location taken from the customer will be sent as notification to the delivery driver via Twerlo Fooder (for delivery drivers ).
-Update the order status once delivered.
-Accepting the order from the restaurant

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