About Twerlo

Twerlo is a brand focused on offering technology solutions to businesses that are looking to enhance the customer experience with their brand. With products like AI bot, Twerlo Connect (a WhatsApp based customer support platform) and Twerlo Fooder (a WhatsApp based online food ordering and management platform), Twerlo adds value to businesses to increase their efficiency, reduce operational cost, increase profits, all of this while, offering customers an enhanced experience with the brands they interact with.


Our mission is to add value to businesses that seek to enhance the quality of their customer interaction through automation technology. Our strength lies in developing AI based chatbots and voice assistants. Regardless of what your automation needs is, be it command or AI based chatbots, we consider it our duty to deliver nothing, but the best.


“Twerlo is driven by the vision to set a benchmark for customer experience in the field of customer service automation. We focus on building real-life conversational experience between bots and humans. We aim to achieve this by focusing on providing interactive conversational chatbots and voice assistants to businesses.”

Transform business operations, improve our client and their customers' experience


We’re Innovative

We make sure when we hire new people, we look for their uniqueness. We develop a dynamic and sustainable innovation culture where employees develop new ideas and are encouraged to do things differently.


We’re Passionate

Passion is our super engine. Because of that, we’re looking ahead today. We pour passion into our work to create interest, produce excellence and guarantee quality in everything we do.


We’re Diverse

We are a diverse group of people with different interests and talents who came together to accomplish things we couldn’t do alone. We create a cultural shift to foster diversity and inclusion in everything we do.

Our Clients

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and the Middle East "

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