Communicating With Your Customer Via WhatsApp Is No Longer An Option But A Necessity!

Communicating With Your Customer Via WhatsApp Is No Longer An Option But A Necessity! marwan December 26, 2021
Communicating With Your Customer Via WhatsApp Is No Longer An Option But A Necessity!

The rolling out of WhatsApp Business API has caused a major upsurge in the world of communication. Bringing in an easy, and convenient method to communicate, without any geographical borders thereby enabling brands to conduct business with ease. The most popular app, ‘WhatsApp’ surely ends up as the most valuable communication asset for businesses to interact with customers. With a touch of personalization it helps brands keep customers glued to their products or services. 


WhatsApp also offers businesses a more premium version of the app, the WhatsApp API. With highly standardized information and security solutions, WhatsApp API has proved to be an effective tool for medium and large enterprises. Through this blog, we aim to narrate how switching to WhatsApp Business API would unleash the true potential of your business and prove the effectiveness of this popular app.


Stay tuned, while we share the deeper insights on how your business can leverage WhatsApp API for generating massive ROI.
The app is no alien-software, given the fact that,most people are quite familiar with it as an instant messaging app to connect with family and friends.
Through the course of time, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes have realized the potential of this app and have strived to incorporate it in their businesses, either for the purpose of maintaining business relations or to provide services keeping in mind convenience to their customers. 

WhatsApp Business API – A revolution in the digital world

In order to understand the introduction of WhatsApp Business API, let us take you to the roots of the entire process. WhatsApp, without a doubt, was first developed and launched in the market as an instant messaging application meant to make communication between friends and family accessible in the year 2009. 

The features of the app include hassle-free usage, a neat interface, highly user friendly, and the ability to make connections possible across borders. It soon earned fame and reputation as the most popular app for being totally free to use across the world. Gradually, but with certainty, the app gained attraction from entrepreneurs that incorporated it for their businesses. This was well realized by WhatsApp and thus, at the right moment, it put in the effort to bring out an advanced version. Something with great features to serve business enterprises, thereby giving rise to the idea of the WhatsApp business. 


At the beginning of 2018, WhatsApp business was launched, it was solely created to manage and create relations with their customers on a daily basis. This version greatly served entrepreneurs with some highly advanced tools, but the need for an even better version took some time, serving entrepreneurs that were dealing with a greater number of customers. 

This would include features like chatbots, improved security, and multiple usage. WhatsApp created a business solution for bigger corporations with all new amazing features. With changing times, demands for personalization have grown stronger as customers are now expecting interaction with brands to be a two-way communication.

Features of the WhatsApp Business API

Solely developed for the purpose of helping large corporations to scale up, the WhatsApp business API indeed has the right features to bring to its customers. Here, we have listed a few significant ones for you: 

  • The app has an inbox made available to a whole team to ensure your corporation finds it easier to manage customer relations. 
  • This version of the app allows signing in through more than a single user, for a collective teamwork enhancement. 
  • The app allows you to integrate it with other third-party softwares. 
  • You can also send out previously programmed responses to the frequent queries of your customers- a very handy solution for large scale businesses. 
  • You can easily prove the authenticity of your corporation to boost customer relations through the verification feature that allows you to have a green checkmark once the corporation is verified.  
  • A great feature to look at is the aspect that allows you to track your performance, while you are maintaining communications. 

For all these features being provided to brands on a single platform, brands are competing with each other by making the best use of WhatsApp Business API.

Benefits of WhatsApp Business API

1. Engagement Throughout The Pandemic Period

Especially during the era of the CoronaVirus pandemic, WhatsApp Business API has proven to be of great help by keeping customers engaged and generating revenue for businesses in crisis. The scope for massive broadcast provided by the system has helped not only corporations working from home but also governments to make sure the right information and guidelines regarding  COVID-19 reaches out to the target population.

2. Maintain Your Business Outlook

Through this feature of WhatsApp, it becomes completely easy for you to manage all the information that your business wants inorder to be able to interact with customers. This may contain information like your logo, contact information, or the office location. This not only boosts the number of customers that intend to reach you but also saves a lot of hassle and time for your target customers. Collectively, a win-win situation for parties on both sides of the trade.

3.Track and manage the overall growth of your enterprise

Thanks to the new feature of WhatsApp, you can now track down every nook and point in relation to your brand. Maneuvering through the settings menu, you may find all that you need to test your progress on a single screen. This will contain significant information like the number of texts circulated, with a distinction between the sent and the received messages. Alongside this, you will also find information about the number of impressions. Another aspect that turned out to be helpful is of graphing your progress and tracking the information about the blockages from a user, provided to you on the app.

4.Manage your contacts significantly

This feature makes your brand reliable as it sorts out your contacts and labels them according to your levels of categorization, providing each customer with a more personalized approach. Thus, it is highly beneficial for your company in the long run.

5.Pre-programmed messages

A good way to let your customer know that their involvement with your corporation will be appreciated is by instant responses. Now, since this is not always possible, you can send a predetermined message to acknowledge their message, and to assure their query will be answered once you are available. This always comes in handy.

You may put up quick responses for questions that you have received on more than one occasion.
Creating quick replies so your customers are not left hanging for a long time is also well received. Apart from this, you may also create welcome texts for the newcomers to your brand.

6.Systematic Customer outreach

The key to maintaining strong customer relationships is facilitating active communication with them. WhatsApp API makes it easy for your customer to know that their message has been acknowledged and they will be answered right away without waiting in line for a customer care executive to pick up a call or respond to email.

7.Reliable connectivity among employees

Throughout the pandemic, we have seen the importance of reliable online functioning of a brand. The WhatsApp API has proved extra beneficial through features that allow employees of a corporation to be on the same page while working through projects, despite their remote locations. The process has been made simpler by making it easy to share documents and other significant information like views and opinions on a project digitally, and in real-time.

8.Usable on your PC

A bigger screen just makes everything clearer, having well understood this aspect, WhatsApp API has been made available on your PC as well, all while maintaining the premium features related to it. More so, the app is usable on both the Mac as well as your regular PC.

9.Integration through other platforms

It has been made possible for you to integrate your business profiles on Facebook along with your email address. This would simply mean having your data right by you and handy. Also, you can use both alternatives, personal and business with the same phone number, allowing you to have multiple usages with a single number.

10.Breaking global barriers

Although there are tons of apps around the world, no app can compete with WhatsApp when it comes to reaching out to global customers. Moreover, there is no restriction for this app as it is being used by countless customers across the world. Thus, businesses can expect massive numbers of leads flowing in due to the massive reach of WhatsApp.

11.Easy interface

Let’s admit it. It is quite difficult for businesses to educate people on how to use their official app. Instead, they can rely on the easy interface of WhatsApp. The good news is that the interface of WhatsApp is simple and easy to use. Thus, no customer will ever face difficulty in navigating through the in and out of WhatsApp. 

There is a lot more to explore and leverage the power of WhatsApp to scale up your business. How well your business uses the massive reach of WhatsApp, communicates with customers, and offers customized products is no more an option but the need of the hour. You, rely on the expertise of Twerlo to maneuver your business communication the right direction. Looking for a free demo? If yes, then reach us and our Twerlo team will help you out.

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