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Yes. Twerlo Connect platform is built to help businesses engage with their customers in an effective manner. However some businesses are banned from using WhatsApp API, hence they are ineligible to use Twerlo Connect Platform. To check if your business qualifies, refer WhatsApp Commerce Policy.
Yes. All accounts on Twerlo Connect are verified by WhatsApp. However only a few recognised brands are eligible for the WhatsApp ‘Green Tick’.
Twerlo does not charge any special fee for ‘Green Tick’ verification.

Yes. Twerlo Connect enables your official business number to be integrated with its WhatsApp solution even if its a landline number.

Yes. The Twerlo Connect platform is built for customer support automation. It allows seamless integration of your CRM systems, apps and other such API and Webhook integrations.

Yes, Twerlo being an official partner of Conversation Design Institute, focusses on building custom chatbots for clients based on their request. Note : Bot develeopment is independent of Twerlo Connect Platform.

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