Your restaurant doesn't need a New App, All you need is WhatsApp!

Twerlo Fooder is built specially for restaurants to facilitate hassle free order management system. Not only this, but restaurant owners can now make better profit margin with Twerlo Fooder. 0% commission on orders. Engage with customers on WhatsApp from a verified account. Now keep a track of customer preferences, order history and offer personalised support only with Twerlo Fooder.

Let the orders flow and may your profits grow with Twerlo Fooder!

Customer's Favourite

Twerlo Fooder is designed in the most customer-friendly approach. The process of placing an order for food online starts and ends with a WhatsApp Chat. No extra app, no sign up/login hassles. A simple chat on WhatsApp is all it takes for a customer to order their favourite dish. '0' waiting time for responses. 'No need' to allow special permissions/access to any of your phone data/apps.

Delivery Partner's Favourite

Delivery agents will receive order updates, delivery location etc via Twerlo Fooder. Receiving the order pickup location, accepting the order from the restaurant and such order-related updates can be made through Twerlo Fooder. This relieves the delivery agent of the hassles of communicating back and forth with the restaurants and customers regarding the orders.

Restauranteur's Favourite

A POS device installed at every branch allows the restauranteur to receive order notifications. The order is then processed and assigned to the closest delivery agent available. The customer is notified about the order, all through Twerlo Fooder on WhatsApp.

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