How To Apply For Green Tick Verification

How To Apply For Green Tick Verification marwan December 27, 2021
How To Apply For Green Tick Verification

Ever since WhatsApp rolled out its new feature i.e. WhatsApp Business API, small or large organizations are leaving no stone unturned to keep their customers glued to their products or services. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most used messaging apps across the world due to its simplicity and faster communication. 

Following the footsteps of other social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, WhatsApp too started assigning verified green badges to verified business accounts. It helps to build confidence among customers while purchasing or availing of services from businesses. The green badge is found next to the contact name and symbolises that it is an official contact number. 

Why does every brand need to verify a WhatsApp Business account?

If businesses care to look from the perspective of a customer, they can figure out that WhatsApp green tick verification surely adds an element of professionalism and builds trust among the customers. It is helpful for users to distinguish between a genuine and a fake organization. Thus, it eliminates any possibility of a scam. Due to huge competition, it is crucial for businesses to stand tall and unique while selling their products. Thus making the best use of this feature can help businesses to build their brand.

People are more likely to be confident while interacting or chatting with a verified WhatsApp account i.e with Green Tick than a regular one. Although it is not compulsory to have a verified Green Tick, it is a good option for businesses that are looking for a long run in their field. 

Let’s dig deeper to understand the basic difference between WhatsApp Business Account and an Official WhatsApp Business Account.

WhatsApp Business Account

It is the standard name given to any WhatsApp business app and it can be obtained by default. These accounts have no green badge next to the names of businesses. In this type of account, phone numbers are replaced by display names in the contact view, chat screens, chat groups, or chat list. Important details such as business category, name, website, location, product catalog, and contact details can be fed in such accounts. 

Official WhatsApp Business Account with Green Tick

When a green tick is shown next to a business account name, it proves authenticity. A business can get a green tick after WhatsApp considers it as an authentic service or brand. Companies who use API are only allowed to get this green badge. The name of a company will be shown even if the customer never saved the phone number as a WhatsApp contact. 

Procedure to get Green Tick for your business

It is important to note that businesses can get Green Tick only if they are already approved for WhatsApp Business API. Please note that WhatsApp offers the Green Tick feature only to limited and genuine businesses. Thus, it is wise for businesses to build a solid brand, establish themselves as experts and increase their market reach for better chances of getting a green badge. 

Businesses cannot send requests to WhatsApp or submit official documents in order to prove the authenticity of the business or get verified. WhatsApp conducts internal checks and automatically reviews business on an ongoing basis. Brand reputation plays a vital role in getting a green badge for a business.

There are high chances of rejection for Green Tick application if a business fails to have a good reputation among its customers. We would help your business get verified if your business meets the eligibility criteria set by WhatsApp.

Can businesses continue without Green Tick on WhatsApp?

Of course, businesses can continue as the lack of Green Tick does not imply restriction from using WhatsApp API. They can still have access to a lot of helpful API features. It is still advised to strive for a green badge as customers prefer to pick a business with green tick over several other regular ones. 

Which businesses are prohibited by WhatsApp to apply for Green Tick verification?

Although WhatsApp encourages businesses to serve their customers irrespective of their size, it prevents certain businesses from getting a green badge. Below are the products or businesses that are not allowed to use Business API. 

  1. Alcohol products
  2. Cryptocurrencies
  3. Drugs
  4. Live animals
  5. Dating services
  6. Tobacco products
  7. Healthcare products
  8. Gambling business
  9. Ammunition business
  10. Adult services

Eligibility criteria to have Green Tick for your business:

  • 2 Step authentication needs to be enabled
  • Use of WhatsApp API business account is mandatory
  • Business need to be either in Tier 2 or above in messaging level
  • Business need to have a good reputation and brand among their users
  • Facebook Business Manager needs to be verified by Facebook

Can a user get a WhatsApp account verified with Green Tick?

If you are an individual who has installed WhatsApp Business, you cannot get an account verified with a green badge. WhatsApp offers this feature only to businesses excluding personal accounts.

What should be done if an application gets rejected?

If an application is rejected, then businesses can reapply after three months. No appeal can be made in case of rejection. WhatsApp is authorized to decide which business deserves an official business account with a green badge.

What proactive steps can be taken to ensure speedy approval of the application?

Businesses are advised to send or receive messages by abiding policies set by WhatsApp. Quality score and messaging statics can go a long way in increasing the chances of approval. It further helps businesses to send a positive message to WhatsApp that policies are acknowledged and thus maintaining a clean image. 
Hope the above steps were helpful to get a Green Tick for your business account. Be it gaining a massive number of customers, building a genuine reputation of a brand, or gaining the trust of customers, a simple tick can shoot up your sales or enhance your services. We will help your business get verified.

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