How WhatsApp Notifications Can Help Out Businesses

How WhatsApp Notifications Can Help Out Businesses marwan December 26, 2021
How WhatsApp Notifications Can Help Out Businesses

With over a whopping 1.5 billion users across the world and countless messages shared every single day, WhatsApp has surely earned the reputation for being the most preferred messaging app for both personal and professional use.
Thus, businesses can use this to their advantage and leverage the potential of WhatsApp to maximize ROI and to keep their customers engaged. 

With the perfect blend of conversational commerce and a touch of personalization, WhatsApp business API has turned out to be an invincible tool for any business to interact and engage with customers.

Gone are the days when businesses created content for all and picked one-way communication. Now customers demand real-time communication and instant solutions for their problems while dealing with businesses. In the given scenario, personalized WhatsApp notifications can be the savior for businesses to retain old customers and attract new ones too. 

More about WhatsApp notifications

WhatsApp notifications are curated and customized messages crafted by companies by considering customer requirements and preferences. They can either be used to strike a conversation with customers or attract new prospects to sell products. 


WhatsApp allows businesses to engage with customers by offering different types of notifications. Each one offers a unique solution as per the requirement and customer preference. As per the type of WhatsApp notification, businesses can serve their customers through personalized interaction and keep them engaged.

Shoot payment status

Customers are always at the edge of confusion after making the payment. Since it is a financial matter, there are more chances of errors creeping in during the payment process. Thus, it is important to maintain utmost transparency if customers are to face any issues related to payments. Businesses can send payment-related information such as billing invoices or the success/failure status through WhatsApp API. 

Billing alerts to get paid on time

It can be quite overwhelming for customers to keep track of transactions and make the payment on time due to their busy schedules. Be it pending invoices, missing payments, or any critical transactions; businesses can send billing alerts so that customers can be notified with ease. Businesses can expect timely payment through such billing alerts without investing in human agents.

Timely appointment reminders

After we get caught up in our hectic lives, it becomes difficult to keep track of vehicle repairs or medical appointments and get things done on time. Thanks to WhatsApp API notifications, now we can get timely notifications as a reminder for appointments or repairs. 

Moreover, notifications help businesses to retain their customers as they can expect more returning visitors to their online shop or products. 

Ticket update

Businesses can send a timely alert and ticket update to customers by providing travel related details such as location, vouchers, travel directions, or any pdf file to promote their services. Thus, they can enhance their marketing strategy by making the best use of WhatsApp notifications. 

Apology alerts

Due to unforeseen situations, customers might experience delays in product delivery or end up frustrated with service. Businesses can now regain the trust of customers and keep them engaged through apology alerts shared through WhatsApp. An apology with an exact reason for the bad customer experience will go a long way in retaining old customers.

Account related updates

Accounts are usually vulnerable to be stolen by cybercriminals. Thus it is important to empower customers so that they can stay alert about any suspicious activity with their account. Businesses can notify their customers by sending notifications about the unusual behavior of accounts. Besides, businesses can also send membership charges to customers too. 

Delivery status to notify customers

After placing an order, it is common for customers to stay restless as they prefer to know the status of their delivery. Through WhatsApp API, businesses can now shoot shipping status or notify customers about product location through notifications. 

Reservation details

Hotel businesses can now save a lot of money spent on customer care executives to interact with customers. Let’s say a room booked by customers is not available. In such cases, customers can be notified with a simple message over WhatsApp. Instead, a new or better arrangement can be made to enhance the customer experience

Flight or train updates

Be it last-minute cancellation of train or flight, the travel industry can make the best of WhatsApp Business API to inform customers about changes in flight or reservations. In many situations, customers often miss their flight or train due to a lack of critical information i.e check-in or gate change details. By sending a notification over WhatsApp, they can be informed in advance about the departure or arrival of an airplane or train.

Notifications offer a win-win environment for both customers and businesses due to automation. They can either be automated or connected to the current communication system to keep everyone on the same page. If your business is looking out to expand its customer base by leveraging WhatsApp, then reach out to Twerlo for assistance.

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