Twerlo Bot

Implementation Strategy

We focus on planning and make sure to
present the best solutions on every projects we work.

Discovery and defining Business Strategy

We study , Identify your business problems and scientifically approach to help solve these with our customized strategy that suits best for your business including timelines and road maps and projected ROIs.

Proof of Concept and Review

We present an efficient, proven, and cost-effective first approach to your project. During this review, we list the improvement areas, analyze the data, and track qualitative feedback from your chatbot users.

Next Phases : "Sky is the limit"

Once we have proven the business case, the sky is the limit. The next phases of development are entirely user-driven. We build your chatbot road map with feedback from its users, admins, and project team.

One size does not fit all

We focus on adapting our clients’ needs, itsthe best approach to solving clients’ problems

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