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Features of MOTTASL

MOTTASL is powered by AI and can simplify customer touch points by integrating features like query assignment, chat redirection with customer details and chat transcripts

A multi-support feature for the organization of queries, to be redirected to the next availaible agent, thereby reducing the customer waiting time significantly.

With AI powered bots, you can automate repetitive tasks, Add templates and interactive buttons and integrate with other platforms like Facebook at the click of a button.

How MOTTASL can transform your business?

Company Benefits

Revenue Generation

Clients see an increase in revenue by offering Twerlo solutions within the organization

Customer Delight

A better interaction module between client and organization leads to customer delight. This increases references, loyalty and customer retention which is the lifeblood of any business.

Client Centric Model

When your business depends on the clients satisfaction, one cannot keep them waiting. By using our solution, the organization can reduce customers queries faster 3X faster than the traditional method.


With less effort, the communication becomes efficient and effective. This model increases revenue, decreases costs, attains customer retention which can increase the organization bottom line and brand reach and acceptance
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