Our Methodology

Our Methodology marwan December 2, 2021
WhatsApp bot Implementation Strategy
We focus on planning and make sure to present the best solutions on every projects we work.
We study , Identify your business problems and scientifically approach to help solve these with our customized strategy that suits best for your business including timelines and road maps and projected ROIs.

We present an efficient, proven, and cost-effective first approach to your project. During this review, we list the improvement areas, analyze the data, and track qualitative feedback from your WhatsApp bot users.

Once we have proven the business case, the sky is the limit. The next phases of development are entirely user-driven. We build your WhatsApp bot road map with feedback from its users, admins, and project team.

One size does not fit all
We focus on adapting our clients’ needs, its the
best approach to solving clients’ problems
Understand & define the problem

- Understand the needs and the problem “Use cases"
- Explore the current situation and technologies
- Identify the channels
- Set the KPI's and success matrix

Conversation Design

- Design user journey
- Create user persona & WhatsApp bot persona
- Analyze use cases & Create sample dialogue
- Intent recognition
- Entity extraction
- Write scripts & stories
- User testing & Iterations
- AI Training

ChatWhatsApp bot Engineering

- Design architecture
- Hardware and software stack specifications.
- NLP engine and ML modeling
- Script loading and ML training
- Dialogue intelligence
- Knowledge-base/conductors
- Context management
- Conversation engine
- Building customized dashboard
- UI design and front-end development
- API integrations
- Packaging and branched code.

Connecting & Publishing

- Web services & channels integration
- Deployment and orchestration
- WhatsApp Business API verification & integration
- IVR SIP-trunking
- Social Media channels
- Website integration
- Application integration
- Live chat integration

Evaluate & Re-train

- Review the KPI's matrix
- Review customer feedback
- Take human agents review and update dialogues
- Update the conversational designs
- Retrain the AI engine
- Re-deploy