Scale-up Your Restaurant Business With Twerlo Fooder & WhatsApp Business API

Scale-up Your Restaurant Business With Twerlo Fooder & WhatsApp Business API marwan December 26, 2021
Scale-up Your Restaurant Business With Twerlo Fooder & WhatsApp Business API
If there is any business that took a massive hit in revenue amid this pandemic, it had to be the restaurant business. Even before the pandemic, things were not in their favor either. The online food delivery apps took over the food industry by storm, their business multiplied with time and demand. Of course, these apps charge both customers and restaurant owners for their services. Considering the uncertain times we live in, it is not a wise move for restaurant business owners to opt for food delivery apps. The hard-earned money of restaurant owners land into their pockets and thus a dip in ROI.

What if the middlemen can be bypassed? It would be great, right?

Restaurant owners can finally save a good amount of money and offer customized services to their customers. Equipped with a massive  amount of customer buying data, businesses can gain insights about customer behavior while receiving orders too. 

Well, here’s where Twerlo comes to your rescue. We offer business solutions that help you increase your sales with minimum investment. We all are pretty  aware that WhatsApp continues to be the most used app even though there are several apps out there in the market. But how can businesses leverage the true power of this messaging app?
Let us explain. Since it is widely used, people are more likely to interact with your business when you create a WhatsApp Business API account.

How to stay ahead of your competitors in the restaurant business ?

Although many businesses have already switched to WhatsApp, there remains a lot of work. Since the competition in the market continues to get fierce with time, businesses need to step up their game and lookout for innovative ways to serve customers. 
It is also important to save up maximum revenue, reduce delivery time and enhance the customer experience in the long run. Twerlo has exactly what you are looking out for. Twerlo fooder is designed and optimized to specifically serve  restaurants so they can save a ton of money while boosting their business.
Let us narrate how your business can make the best use of our product with ease.

Conversation with each customer saved forever.


The sales team often has a hard time maintaining each detail of prospects. Be it the exact date when a customer got in touch with your business or any follow-ups,  it is a herculean task to remember details for even the best guy in your team. Since the sales team is already loaded with a lot of other work, maintaining data of customer interaction can get hard too. 

Now, with Twerlo Fooder along with Twerlo Connect, this problem can be easily eliminated by saving all details of customer interaction. Let’s say a sales team member who interacted with the customer one day  is not available sometime in the future, then with Twerlo Fooder, even that conversation or interaction with the customer can easily be retrieved.

Faster delivery.

If a restaurant has a lot of branches, then it can be difficult to serve your customers with a short delivery time. Thanks to Twerlo Fooder, each branch of your restaurant will instantly be notified when a customer places an order. Thus it helps your restaurant business to serve customers and retain them with an amazing customer experience.


Instant order notification.


Be it management, customer, or delivery boys; everyone will get notified when an order gets placed. Through the dashboard, management can quickly check the order details and serve their customers with more efficiency.

All branches of the restaurant on the same page.

Unlike a small restaurant, a bigger chain of restaurants with multiple branches has a hard time getting notified about customer orders. Communication among branches takes a lot of time about the availability of food items. Since the main focus is to serve customers with minimum delivery time, Twerlo fooder notifies each branch so that the branch with relevant food items and availability can initiate the delivery process.


The Manager can track down orders.


Compared to the previous situation, where food aggregators apps would maintain details about the order, now it can be viewed by your restaurant managers. With the information about each order, managers can now make informed decisions and scale up the restaurant business. It will also help draw stats and figure out which specific time or food item is in demand. Accordingly, staff can be notified about the need and stay prepared.

Twerlo Fooder offers customization.

It is essential to note that we live in a world where customers no longer prefer the same old type of interaction with businesses. Now, Brands expect to offer the right product to the right customer to stay ahead of their competitors. 

We believe customization is the key to make things easy for customers and serve them without any room for the inconvenience. Through our product, you can customize features as per your need. While you can expect greater returns, customers will keep visiting you for more products or services. Thus, it is a win-win situation for everyone with little effort.


Helpful for the delivery boy to track the restaurant.


Twerlo fooder also helps delivery boys to locate the nearest restaurant branch so that they can save their time. Thus restaurants can reduce the time taken for delivery as it provides a good start for them.

If you need further help switching to WhatsApp Business API, our team at Twerlo is here for you. Want to have a free trial? Get in touch with us today at or email us.

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