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We make sure every minute counts as patients shouldn’t have to wait

With Twerlo - Automate your Patient Flow

Orchestrate and personalize multi-channel patient communications and supporting workflows to enhance the patient experience and drive outcomes for healthcare providers.

AI solutions that take care of patient queries, enhance efficiency of hospitals by taking over menial, repetitive tasks so your staff can focus on more demanding and challenging tasks.

How does it help patients?

Give your patients the care that they deserve

24/7 Access

Improve your patient satisfaction and provide all of your patients with 24/7 access to care, right from their homes by providing multi-channel accessibility.

Every Patient Matters

While doctors concentrate on physical patients, chatbots assist patients with medical queries, medication guidance, symptom checks and nutrition, online.

Zero Waiting Time

Patients don’t have to wait in long queues or spend long hours waiting to consult doctors. Bookings are automated and based on availability.

How does it help hospitals?

AI enhances overall organizational performance in hospitals.

Increased Revenue

Better engagement, driving greater revenues. By converting 24 % more leads; way more than humanly possible (5%), more footfall at zero additional operational cost.

Increased Productivity

Our AI chatbots navigate care at all the steps of the patient journey pre, between, and post consultations by augmenting the work of care teams to drive productivity and operational cost savings.

Faster Processing Of Customer Requests

Faster processing of customer requests from resolving patient queries, engaging customers, to facilitating bills and payments, AI helps hospitals deliver an overall enhanced customer experience.

Coronavirus Digital Screening (Know more on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 & assess your symptoms if any).

Technology solutions that reduce labor while facilitating better healthcare.

Best-in-class AI and machine learning

Assess symptoms, find dependencies and common patterns in data, and get smarter over time.

Clinical validation

With over 1,500 symptoms, 800 conditions,our technology partner’s physicians have put together one of the most comprehensive, verified medical databases in the world!

30,000+ hours of physician review

Our medical database is fed from the world of science and medicine, from well-respected publications.

HIPAA-compliance and data security

Keep your customer data secure with HIPAA-compliance, maximum data privacy and security measures.

Advanced NLU and dialogue management

Customized training language models specifically for healthcare and medical terms. Manage back-and-forth dialogues with machine learning.

Integrate & deploy anywhere

Integrate Twerlo into existing backend systems and data sources. Deploy Twerlo on-premises, or on your private cloud.

Test your patients, not their patience
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