Logistics / Online Delivery

We focus on connecting the end points efficiently, time is money

With Twerlo - Best logistics and online ordering.

Enhance your logistics operations and deliver an amazing customer experience with AI Chatbots. Provide quick and accurate responses to customer queries with the help of smart conversational AI.

Deploy AI to process delivery requests, order amendments, track shipments etc for your customers. Enhance your customer experience through personalisation and 24/7 support.

Our conversational designers are the bridge between AI and humans, equipped with technology, psychology, and copyrighting. This gives a more natural experience between bots and humans.

Benefits for Customers

Give your patients the care that they deserve


AI chatbots can assist customers to place orders of food or other items they want delivered to them. Most of the young customers are already familiar with this, but the older generation still finds it difficult to place orders. A chatbot can ease it for them.


A chatbot can make valuable suggestions to customers while they are placing orders. This is possible after bots analyse customer/ user behaviour and past prefernces to reduce the time taken for them to decide and then place an order.


Chatbots can record, address and resolve complaints, by providing them quick solutions. This reduces the traditional turn around time, facilitates timely solution to customer grievances and improves the overall customer experience.

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