Non-Governmental Organisations

Chatbot integration is simple and can be used even by non-profit organisations.

It is time to be forward-thinking and bold to adopt the new technologies that enhance your work.

With Twerlo - A Chatbot technology that helps improve relationships with supporters and activists.

Chatbots have now made it easier for non-profit organizations to interact with supporters at almost no cost. Chatbots are available 24/7 to answer questions and this helps to free up staff to do other challenging work.

Easy Setup

How does it helps NGOs?

Donor queries and administrative tasks

Questions such as: When are you open? Are you a 501(c)(3)? When is the big gala? Where are you located? All of these questions can be answered online by a friendly bot. In addition, bots could do intake for new clients, sign up new members, arrange meetings, and even order lunch.


Chatbots can be programmed to ask and answer questions with a variety of images, maps, text, and videos. Chatbots can provide visual and emotional ways to tell your nonprofit’s story and help people understand the real problems your work addresses and overcome. It is the first rung on the ladder of engagement.

Data Collection

Chatbots can operate in several languages and through low-band internet access. This is a much faster, less expensive way to collect survey data. A chatbot used at a nonprofit could theoretically field many of the questions usually addressed by humans, then allow a real person to step incase the bot fails at any point.

Community organizing

Chatbots can be used to send users automated alert messages. Users who sign up on the messenger chatbot will receive action alerts. Organizations can send messages with specific actions you can take for organizing activities. These messages can be personalized to add the human touch.


Conversational chatbots can be trained to raise donation funds. Chatbots can engage donors by sharing stories and then politely ask them if they’d like to donate. Upon receiving a positive response can provide a link to the donation landing page. This will help NGO’s raise funds even in their absence.

Our conversational designers are the bridge between AI and humans, equipped with technology, psychology, and copyrighting. This gives a more natural experience between bots and humans.

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