E-commerce and Retail Industry

Chatbot technology helps e-commerce and the retail sector

not only retain old customers but also attract new ones

With Twerlo - Provide human- touch. And help foster brand value.

Chatbots attract consumers, increase engagement and promote customer loyalty by prioritizing effective customer engagement and personalization.

Personalization plays an imporatnt role in this industry. Intelligent chatbots backed by company data can make personalised suggestions, make upselling offers and even cross-sell customers based on their interests. This also helps in effective remarketing.

How chatbots help the e-commerce
and retail industry?

Increased Revenue Margins

Chatbots increase customer satisfaction by personalizing their experience. This increases engagement levels which in turn improves revenue margins. Happier customers tend to return to make purchases based on their past experiences.

Brand Value

Chatbots offer a consistent response to customers. This helps businesses to provide a great experience during each conversation. The consistency of receiving a good response every time they interact makes customers happy and in-turn helps build brand value.


With chatbots available to assist customers, there would be a significant drop in the call volume at the support center and most customer queries will readily be solved at the first instance. This helps avoid unnecessary calls, and in-turn reduces operating expenses.

Increased Efficiency

Chatbots work tirelessly. They aid customers at any given time, unlike humans who are prone to burnout under stress. This helps eliminate human-error and enhances productivity. As a result, it not only helps retain old customers but also acquire new ones.


Conversational chatbots have the ability to influence customers into buying higher value products based on their interests. During the conversation, AI picks up customer interests and shows them products that they might like, without appearing persuasive.

Abandoned cart recovery

Chatbots can bypass e-mail and directly remind users of the items that are still in their shopping cart. Direct messages are 12 times more likely to be read than email, thereby resulting in higher conversion rates. This helps in solving the problem of abandoned carts at checkout.

Our conversational designers are the bridge between AI and humans, equipped with technology, psychology, and copyrighting. This gives a more natural experience between bots and humans.

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