Why Choose WhatsApp Business API Instead Of The Official Company App

Why Choose WhatsApp Business API Instead Of The Official Company App marwan December 26, 2021
Why Choose WhatsApp Business API Instead Of The Official Company App

Why Choose WhatsApp Business API instead of the official company app

We live in a digital world where customers prefer to have products or avail services with the click of a button. Moreover, this pandemic has made us realise the need to automate or switch to digital communication with customers, for any business to prosper. It is also time to ditch the age-old communication where brands created content for all and promoted their products. Now, it is time for personalisation, to stay connected with customers at a deeper level. Personalisation can help businesses have a thorough understanding of customer preferences and plan out their marketing strategies accordingly. Although, there are many companies who have successfully migrated to digital communication through their own messaging app, there are some issues to be taken care of. 

1. Time Constraint

We get it. The time you invest in any business is priceless and it decides the future of your business. If you keep spending your valuable time over managing, monitoring customer engagement or serving customers by addressing commonly asked questions, then you are shooting arrows in the dark. Instead, if you pick WhatsApp business API as the mode of communication to your customers, your team can focus their time over more critical issues at work and boost up their productivity.

2. Budget constraint

This global pandemic has surely shaken our lives from roots. As businesses are going through a rough road, it is vital to play safe and save every penny to fight uncertain times. If businesses are investing their hard earned money over a fancy app or hiring a team to manage it and serve customers, then it is surely a path to rabbit hole. Since WhatsApp API already has a huge customer base, your business can expect higher returns than investing in your own business app. 

3.Convincing customers to download or switch to your company app

Let’s admit it. Customers already have many apps on their smartphone and the chances of downloading your official app is bleak and almost none. Besides, it takes huge investment in branding and making people download an app. Customers prefer to have a single app for several purposes. Instead your business can leverage or make the best use of most commonly used app by customers, it would turn out to be a smart approach. Since WhatsApp is widely used by countless customers across the world, your business can expect a massive number of leads or clients on your way. 

4.Limited demographics

Your business might have the best app to serve customers but there will be a downside if demographics are not taken care of. After a few years, if there is a need to expand for any business and reach out to a new set of customers too. In such case, replying on a single app with limited reach as per predefined demographics will not be helpful. 

On the other hand, WhatsApp Business API offers no limit to any demographics as it is widely used by customers residing across several countries. Thus, there will be no location barrier while promoting your product or service to foreign customers. 

5.Unfamiliar interface

It takes forever for businesses to educate or guide customers while using the official company app. Besides, there is a risk of losing your customers when the interface of your company app is not easy to use. In fact, no customers prefer to spend time on learning to use a new app. Everyone wants to get things done in no time. If your business switches to WhatsApp API, it saves all the trouble as customers are already quite familiar with the app. Moreover, they will be delighted to have WhatsApp for personal use and also as a medium to buy new products. 

6.Lack of engagement

Your company app might the best one out there in the market, but it takes years to establish trust among customers or set up a brand among your competitors. Instead, it is wise to leverage the most popular app i.e WhatsApp to skip the expenditure and reach out to your customers. Moreover, WhatsApp supports sharing of images, videos, and documents to keep customers glued to their service. If businesses can make the best use of its features, they can scale up their sales to new heights.

Weighing the pros and cons of investing in communication apps can help decide the future of any business. Thus, the management needs to consider all aspects before taking the final call. WhatsApp API surely gets everything your business needs to keep customers engaged and drive new clients towards your products. 


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