Why Is Ordering Food On WhatsApp, The Best Solution For Restaurant Owners And Their Customers?

Why Is Ordering Food On WhatsApp, The Best Solution For Restaurant Owners And Their Customers? marwan December 26, 2021
Why Is Ordering Food On WhatsApp, The Best Solution For Restaurant Owners And Their Customers?

If there is anything the pandemic has taught us, it is the dire need to migrate towards digitalization. While every other industry got hit by the pandemic, it is the food industry that got the severe blow. While many vanished in a few months, others managed to survive by exploring options to interact with their customers. 


Be it advertising, promoting, or expanding business, digitalization has opened many doors for businesses out there and rescued many restaurants from extinction. While many restaurant businesses are still struggling to catch up and survive, it is time for your business to take a different road and adopt innovative solutions to recover from the hit. 


Considering social distancing and customer preferences of today, it is also important for your restaurant business to adapt with time and revamp the way you interact with your audience. 


Of course, your business cannot afford to invest valuable time and money in creating and maintaining an official app. It takes forever for your official app to reach a wider audience and people also have trust issues with new apps. 


Besides, it costs a ton of money while maintaining staff and improving the app on a regular basis. On the other hand, there is a simple yet effective solution to fight this crisis and still, ace the game. 


Be it any business communication, or getting in touch with family and friends people, people undoubtedly prefer WhatsApp over any other messaging tool. It is no wonder that this messaging app broke the geographical barriers for people to communicate in such less time. 

If properly planned, your business can leverage the true power of WhatsApp and boost revenue. Through WhatsApp ordering, your business can change the way customers place an order and you can retain them for a longer duration. WhatsApp Ordering turns out to be a win-win situation for both customers and businesses as it is simple to use with massive reach.

We already got a bunch of food ordering apps; why WhatsApp?

Agreed. Although there are several food ordering apps like Uber Eats, Hunger Station and Talabat, they are indeed dead weights for your business. If you think about it, they charge money from both customers and restaurant businesses for the services they provide. 


On the other hand, they also withhold massive amounts of customer databases – helpful to gain insights about customer preferences. WhatsApp surely helps businesses to skip the middlemen who are always on the lookout to take away the hard-earned money from businesses and customers. The interface is simple to use and since people are using it on a massive scale, your business can expect a higher conversion rate while using Whatsapp.

Surpass your restaurant competitors with Twerlo fooder

Since there are many competitors who offer similar products and services to customers, it is vital for you to try out innovative solutions to step up your restaurant business. But now with Twerlo fooder, you can enhance the way customers use WhatsApp and unleash its potential to interact with them. The primary purpose of Twerlo fooder is to offer fantastic customization to both restaurant businesses and customers to save money and time.

A bliss for restaurants with many branches

Let’s say if a customer places an order from your restaurant with several branches. Later, miscommunication is bound to happen between branches. It might provoke customers to ditch your services in near future too.


Now with Twerlo fooder, every branch of your business can be notified about details of customer orders. Customer experience will surely be enhanced as you will be able to serve them in less time. 

Now you can manage customer orders

Unlike the previous situation where food delivery apps were used to maintain each detail of customer order, Twerlo fooder offers an opportunity to view the customer data and decide accordingly.


Equipped with customer preferences and behavior, your management can make proactive decisions. Data regarding customer preferences and habits will also help to prepare a customized chart and gain insights about specific food items in demand. 

Your staff will be prepared in advance

Since you can hold a massive amount of customer buying data, you can notify your staff about the expected demand for the specific food items. Thus, your staff will be prepared much in advance to deliver quality products and services to customers without any delay as they get ample amounts of time. 

Delivery boys can reach out to the nearest restaurants.

Our product helps and shows the location of nearest restaurant branches to delivery boys. Thus, your business can finally deliver food items without any delays. It can have a significant and positive impact on customer experience as delivery time will be reduced. 

Customization is our key

We are quite aware that customers now ditch the age-old communication with businesses where they used to create the same content or product for everyone. Now each customer wants to have customized products and services offered to him/her. 

Thus, businesses need to consider customization to offer the right products and services to the target audience. You can customize the way you offer your services or products by making the best use of our product.

Customers can get instant order notification

Right from the moment a customer places an order till the food items get delivered to the location, each detail will be updated and notified to both business owners and customers. At any moment, the location and the stage of delivery will be shared with the customer through timely notifications.

Customers can expect a shorter delivery time

No customer prefers to wait for a longer time as their bellies groan with hunger, right? Your business might also lose potential or loyal customers when they prefer to go to other service providers that offer faster delivery. Through WhatsApp Business API, customers can expect faster delivery of their favorite dishes at their doorstep. Your customers are more likely to check out or return to your services for faster deliveries.

Amazing customer experience

Elimination of bad experiences for customers since products or services are being provided directly from restaurant owners. There is no room for any unpleasant customer experience and complaints regarding delivery time or food quality.

Transfer of customer data to another team member with ease.

Customers may check out your product today but may reach out to you after a month. In such a case, your team needs to maintain and remember each customer preference. Accordingly, they must serve them with customized services. 


Is it possible to do so? Well, it can get pretty overwhelming for your team to maintain and try the customer data. Through WhatsApp business API, your sales team need not worry about the past conversations of customers. Current sales team members can pull up the previous conversations and resume the interaction with customers. 

An ideal tool for management to carve out future campaigns

Management can make the best use of current and past trends regarding the food ordering behavior of customers. Thus, they can plan or create marketing campaigns as per the data. Be it conversations, past orders, or any other customer habit; everything will be helpful to your sales team the next time they meet. 


If you are determined to witness steady restaurant growth through a strategic combination of WhatsApp Business API and Twerlo fooder, our team is waiting to help you out. Reach out to us at www.twerlo.com.

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