Why Should Businesses Use WhatsApp API And How Does A Chatbot Help?

Why Should Businesses Use WhatsApp API And How Does A Chatbot Help? marwan December 27, 2021
Why Should Businesses Use WhatsApp API And How Does A Chatbot Help?

Billions of customers across many countries extensively use WhatsApp to stay connected with their dear ones and connections. As countless messages are being shared through WhatsApp everyday, customers have pretty much made it clear that they prefer messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp are their favourite communication channels.


In this digital age, they also lookout for similar communication with businesses to save time and effort. Ever since WhatsApp business API is rolled out, businesses are leaving no stone unturned to leverage this communication channel and reach out to their potential customers through personalization. Besides, businesses can surpass their competitors by reaching out to their customers right away by tweaking their communication strategies.

Valuable Insight About Customers

Through WhatsApp business API verified accounts, it is possible for businesses to track down delivery reports and messages sent to customers. Thus detailed customer behavioural insights can be availed at amazing speed and ease. Be it read receipt or status of message delivery, businesses can have a record of their communication with customers to take relevant steps in near future. Further, feedback can be collected through interactive communication as a customer feels comfortable to click the “reply” button when compared to a long feedback form sent through email.

Massive Visibility

If your business is a small one and you want to reach out to international customers, then WhatsApp API is the most effective solution. Irrespective of location, international clients can reach out to your products or Services through WhatsApp chat bots. Let us say your potential customer is checking out your official website and WhatsApp pop-up shows on the screen. 

Chances of your prospect to pick WhatsApp chatbot is high as they know that response rate is excellent. They can either choose to have conversation with your customer care agent with a click of a button or get more information through chatting.

A Secure Platform

WhatsApp business verified accounts are unique for each company. Thanks to two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption, data shared by customers and businesses is safe. Thus, there is no room for unpleasant situations in which customers face fraud or reach fake accounts. WhatsApp business API helps businesses to maintain high level security and eliminate negative publicity too. Since no one can break in and exploit potential customers, customers can trust businesses without any worries.

Two-way Communication

Let us admit it. No customer wants to call a customer care executive by waiting for a long time in a queue. Unlike any other communication channel, customer support automation allows customers and companies to interact in real time. Customers who are already aware about services and products of businesses can directly reach out to them by having real conversations. 


Be it contact details, payment confirmations, status of delivery, businesses can keep their customers notified by providing information within a few seconds.

Engaging content

Unlike mundane traditional methods where businesses used to communicate with customers through messaging or shooting emails, WhatsApp business API opens up a lot of other options. 

Creative and engaging content can be shared through a status, a display picture or a story.

Moreover, they can also promote their products or services through text, images, audio files, documents and templates too. Since WhatsApp can be used on both mobile and desktop, customers can interact with businesses anytime and from anywhere.


Since chatbots for business can handle many conversations in real time, it can increase efficiency in responding to customers. Moreover, businesses can save a lot of money spent on hiring a human chat assistant. AI chatbot usually takes care of initial conversation with customers by providing basic details. So, when a lead is transferred to a human agent, they can serve already satisfied customers with less time and effort. In a way, chatbots can be called virtual employees of an organization with minimal salary.

Upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Businesses can add a touch of personalization while communicating with their customers and thus keeping them hooked with their products and services. Real-time conversation made through chatbots help to plan and devise upselling and cross selling strategies. For example, a business can give you a discount or amazing offer to a customer who has already made a similar purchase in the past. 

After getting relevant feedback from customers, businesses can also customize upcoming offers that are relevant and likely to attract sale conversions in near future. Besides, personalized conversation through AI chatbot can help to dig deeper in the minds of customers and gain insights about their preferences.


For any business to survive and grow stronger, it is important to stay on the right platform used primarily by customers. Customer support automation makes it easier for both customers and businesses to interact in real time and save extra time or effort to reach their goals. No need of writing  a long email or waiting for a call to get connected with a customer service agent or downloading another app.


For example, if a customer wants to book a room in a fancy hotel, he or she calls a customer care agent. Usually, it takes forever to get connected with a customer care agent, and customers end up frustrated about service offered. Instead conversation can be continued through WhatsApp. Information can be availed with accuracy and speed as data is already fed in AI chatbots. Details about room availability, extra benefits such a wifi, parking space and payment modes can be shared to customers through chatbots. 


Booking can be done within seconds and moreover, images of room condition can be forwarded through WhatsApp. This significantly helps to enhance customer satisfaction and build trust towards businesses.

Stronger relationship with customers

Every business wants to build a deeper and stronger connection with customers by sending out the right message about their products. Small businesses who are just getting started out often fail to connect with customers due to huge competition from already established businesses. In such a situation, WhatsApp business chatbot comes as a savior and revives their business and increases sale conversions. Businesses can now reach out to customers by landing right in their inbox and be a part of their life which was never possible before through conventional channels. 


In order to use WhatsApp, every business needs to create a unique and distinct business profile. The profile gives company details such as social media URLs, official website, phone number and email ID. It is beneficial for businesses in two ways. They can easily gain trust among their customers towards products or services. They can also promote their content shared on social media accounts as customers are more likely to check them out. Thus saving a lot of money spent on digital ads.

Be it payment facility or end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp has been rolling out some stellar product features in the past few years. Although WhatsApp gained name as the prominent messaging platform, it is chat bots, which are making quite a buzz around the tech world.

What is WhatsApp chat bot?

It is a software program powered by artificial intelligence and fed with a predefined set of rules. They are used to have a real conversation with humans i.e potential customers trying to reach out to businesses. WhatsApp chatbot allows businesses to make the best use of virtual assistants for higher customer engagement and increase conversion rates.

How can they help businesses?

On behalf of any business, chatbots can address queries of relevant customers. While human executives may not be available after office hours, WhatsApp chatbots can serve customers 24/7 with consistent performance and accuracy. While chatbots for a business take care of frequently asked questions by customers, human customer agents can focus on addressing complicated issues which need expertise.

Let us dive deeper into different types of messages, businesses can share with their customers by using Whatsapp chatbots.

Billing details 
Be it billing related documents, return status or confirmation of payments, businesses can stay relaxed as AI chatbots can take care of it and provide them to customers in a few seconds.

Updates about product order 
Communication is made easy as chatbots can send instant updates about purchase order, delivery information and GPS location of a product ordered. 

Availability of product 
Customers can be notified about availability or stock of products with just a click of a button. They do not have to surf through countless products or contact business owners. 

Alert messages 
Debit/credit transactions, amount of fee charged on customers or any other money related notifications can be shared through WhatsApp chatbots with utmost security. 

Travel alerts 
Information about boarding passes, check-in information, flight delays or flight cancellation can also be shared with amazing speed to customers. 

Take away
WhatsApp chatbots help businesses to streamline their work to convert prospects into sales by striking conversation in real-time. Given the high volume of competition among brands, it is crucial for every business to opt for WhatsApp API. Further, it helps to enhance branding in less time, build trust among customers, keep track of leads and serve customers with minimal efforts.

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